Dinner at YM & Jane's place. 星期天的晚餐。

Jun 7, 2009

Had a very enjoyable dinner at YM & Jane's place tonight. We had the traditional thai steamboat style. The steamboat (either soup or BBQ style) is not the kind which we normally use in Singapore. This is the one which they usually had in Korat, Thailand. Hence YM bought 1 set back. Ate too full during dinner and have problem digesting now. Serve myself right. Below pic is randomly plucked from google. I didn't took any pictures.


Thai steamboat

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dailydelicious said...

Hi, Phyllis
(about the bread in my blog)
The problem can be the flour.
The different of the brand can be the different of the origin, so the capability of the flour to absorb the water is different.
I suggest you to use less water, by take the 2 tbsp of the water from the formula,
Hope your bread will be better.