Shopping again.

Aug 30, 2009

Saturday went to Forever 21 and finally I bought something from that shop. It's because their size normally runs a tag bigger and seldom there's XS but I managed to get 2 dresses in Size S. Feels great to spend money. Haha... Yes I'm nuts.

Got this in fuchsia orange & beige. I had no idea why I bought it but I thought it looks very ladylike and I can wear it to weddings or dinner dates.

AE shipment came on Sat but we were not at home to receive it. Ordered this small satchel sling bag and 2 plain tees. This bag costs only US$7 after a 30% discount. Dirt cheap right? It's just the right size to put some money, cards, hp & keys.
Just week ago ordered a bag from Urban Outfitters at US$39 down from US$65. It's super soft & comfy. I simply adore it.

Fall is coming and I have excuse again to buy warmer clothing and then come Winter, I can finally wear my boots which have been hiding inside the closet and can't wait to show off to the world.

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