Keira turning 16 mths old

Oct 15, 2010

Keira has finally started to walk. Her legs are getting stronger. Officially she took her first step when she turned 15 months. And as expected, I missed this major milestone in her life. But it's okay. What's more important is she is turning into a fine young toddler except for the very 'free-spirit' character.

She now can call mama, papa, dad dad, Mei Mei (little sister), mao (cat), make the sounds of abc alphabet, byebye, flower know that 2 and 3 come after 1. Okay this sort of caught me off guard when she's watching Baby Einstein one day and the narrator was saying 1, she made the sound of 2 and 3 after hearing it. I got a shock. But Hubby commented that he knew it long ago thinking I have already knew too.

And she now will pull up my nightgown each night and stroke my tummy gently and when I asked her to kiss Mei Mei she will really do it and smile at me. So sweet~ and she know she can no longer really hit the tummy as though it's a drum anymore. 

Below are taken during our high tea with the gang. Photos credited to Ade.

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