Counting Down...

Jan 15, 2011

Aiyo... I'm getting nervous as each day passes. I know I know. This is not my 1st pregnancy but it's the 1st time in Singapore. I keep having the vision that the drive to the hospital will takes eons and that the traffic will be jam and whatsoever. This is killing me.

Since today was such a boring Sat for me, my itchy fingers decided to click on the video clips of the labour process and induction that are in the iPhone pregnancy app. All so no thanks for my bestie who told me she watched the video on C-sec and it got me curious and went to have a look too. Keira even watched it with me. How jolly nice.

So I think after reading the forums, it's better to get 2 set of nighties. But I only prepared a set of pajamas that I never got to wear in the hospital during my 1st labour. Wonder whether pajamas is better or nighties is. I have read that Mt. Alvernia food is very tasty and I really hope it's not a disappointment. To me, anything that's better than nuggets should be fine. Yes I was served this in the hospital back in USA.

This is what I have packed in my hospital bag so far.

1. Sanitary Pads
2. Nursing Bras
3. 1 set of Pajamas
4. Towel + garbage bag (in case water bag burst in the car ride and if not, towel will comes in handy for washing up)
5. Toiletries (They mentioned Mt. Alvernia provide the toiletries set but I thought it's better to bring my own in case)
6. Breast pads
7. Breast gel
8. Non-slip slippers (which is like a pair of socks) that I got it from the States hospital. It really keep my feet warm and not slippery at all. Thank God I brought back 1 set.
9. Sweater + pants for discharge
10. 1 set of mitten + booties + hat + long sleeve creeper + receiving blanket for Kerri
11. Camera
12. Disposable panties
13. Admission letter

Do I still miss out anything?

Things that I have not pack:
1. Cotton balls (Need to get these)
2. 1 more set of nighties (Where are the pasar malams when I need them? I want to get Hello Kitty nightie. LOL)
3. My Ameda pump & Medela pump kit w/o the machine (I shall get Hubby to bring either one if I shall need them. They told me I can rent Medela pumping machine in the hospital and if not, I will get him to bring my own Ameda pump over)
4. Marriage Cert + Bank statement ???

The forum people keep mentioning to bring some forms of entertainment. But is that necessary? I recalled back and all we did was sleep our way away until it's time to start pushing. The only entertainment is the monitor screen which shows my contraction frequency.

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