Sick children in the house

Jan 8, 2012

Fine I know sending a daycare can make a child get sick easily. Well aware of that. But if your child is really sick and have not fully recovered shouldn't they stay at home and rest till they are well.

Perhaps Keira's immune system is pretty weak by itself but I think falling sick is getting too often now. She just got well from the last illness about 3 weeks ago and now it's here again.

We met up our couple friend to pick up some stuff and arranged for a dinner together until we decided Keira is getting way too feverish that we rushed home to feed her medicine and grabbed her birth cert before visiting the doc.

You should have seen how red her face was. Like a tomato practically! And her whole body was HOT. Thankfully by the time we reached the clinic her fever subside a bit but it still hitting at 38.3degree.

Poor girl. She was so sick that she was all feeling weak and only want to cradle in my arms. But once reach the doc's place, she was jumping around and chit chatting yet again.

It was definitely a scare. And this morning Kerri woke up with a running nose as well.

Oh please let them get well before the birthday party or at least CNY. I wont want to spoil their first officially CNY celebration in this way and it will be a few years later before they can do that again.

Virus please shoo!!

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