What a weekend! Part 2

Jan 15, 2012

So after the morning trip, we dropped off the kids at both sides of the parents to attend a concert in the evening. It does indeed feel great to be free from the kids on the weekend.

We took a small nap before getting ourselves ready in the afternoon and I was as excited as like a kid.

I decided it was just the perfect day to carry out my new baby.

Concert was good except for some glitches. We did really enjoyed it. It ended around 11.30pm of which after we headed for supper before going back.

I felt like time has transported us back to 2008 when we just got our place and oh so carefree. Staying up late all weekends and having adventures on the yellow bike. It all lasted for a short 6 months when I found out I was pregnant with Keira.

Well that aside. I really appreciate the quality time that we got to have.

The next day with the kids still not back home yet. We headed off to Chinatown at 8am. Ate breakfast at Tak Po dim sum before I went to do some CNY shopping and got a cheongsam for me and 2 bigger sizes for Keira and Kerri for next year CNY in MH. Hubby on the other hand went to queue for his favorite bak kwa. We supposedly planned to reach home by 12 to clean up the place but the queue was not moving fast enough.

So off I went home to do the cleaning for Kerri's birthday preparation while he continued with his bak kwa purchase and came back around 3pm. I shall blog about the party in a separate post.

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