All about napping

Feb 6, 2012

Lately I am having struggles putting the girls to nap at the same time.

Kerri used to do 2 naps in a day then to 1 but 3 weeks ago, she goes back to 2 naps.

When she was having 1 nap a day, she will usually sleep with Jie Jie at around 12 to 1pm and then nap for 2 to 3 hours. But now she's back to 2 naps. I am having a difficult time.

Kerri needs to nap at 10.30am then for 2 hours. By the time she wakes up, it's Keira's turn. But I am not able to put her to bed as Kerri will be shouting for my attention all the time when I leave her with the books and toys.

It's okay when the hubby is around. That makes my life easier but if he's not, I can anticipate a chaotic household.

By the 12th month, usually babies need just a nap in the day. Or at least a short nap in the morning follow by a long one in the afternoon. But for Kerri, it seems like the opposite.

The napping schedule is kind of turning me into a control freak. They need to be on a schedule. And I will feel terrible if their naps have been disrupted badly.

For Keira, it's not much of a problem with sleep. She will nap after book reading and in the night, she will say she's tired and wants to sleep. Usually around 9 to 9.30pm. But not getting the recommended 11 hrs still. Only at most 9 hrs.

BUT she needs me to be around to put her to sleep. Even at my mum's place now occasionally when she sleep over, she will cry for me.

Why why? All seems to be good before turns out to jeopardize now. I'm so dreading the move to the states now. How to make the children feel secure and yet not be so clingy to me?

Something must be wrong somewhere. Hubby said I give in too much. Keira is rather spoilt now. Yes she is indeed. The tiredness after returning home from a busy day really put me off to try to do something to it.

I just feel like I'm struggling barely making it. If not for our mums' help, I don't think there will be me today. Seriously.

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