BB#1 Pregnancy Week 28

Apr 14, 2009

Went for final checkup at Dr. Ang's today. I have hit the final and last trimester. 3 more months before she's due. EDD is 3rd July for now. She's weighing at 1.2kg which I think it's pretty surprising considering that the past 2 weeks I have not been gaining much and I'm so so happy to hear that. Lately the ultrasound scan picture that I took home can't see much of her I guess it's partly due to her growing bigger hence can't really capture the entire body. 

She's still ever active and I've not been sleeping very well lately. Normally nothing can stop me from having a sound sleep and I think this is changing now. Not even a good afternoon nap and sometimes I will be disturbing Hubb unintentionally as he will jump on whatever little stir I create in the bed. He still talks to bb almost every night and I love the moments when he do that and Keira is moving, it seems like she's interacting with him. Babies are really amazing.

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