Reality finally sets in...

Apr 3, 2009

a. Just 2 more days staying over at my mum's place.

About more than a year ago (somewhere in Jan '08), I felt sad when I moved out from this house which I have been staying for more than 20 years. The last day was all about packing & moving that the sad feeling didn't set in until I was finally settled down in our new nest. This time round even though I have only stayed for 2 months plus, the feeling sunk deeper. I don't know why. Suddenly I can't bear to leave my family & friends. It's a good thing that my parents won't be around on 21st Apr to send us off as they will be in China by then. I am sure this it will be harder for me to control back my tears. Just the thought of it can make me tear. 

I just wish my mum will go the op for her arm and be done with it. Seeing her like this really hurts but she is as stubborn as an ass.  Mum really took care of me during my stay despite her arm. She cooked meals for me, ensured that I have breakfast to eat every morning and keep making small snacks in between. Dad, on the other hand, has been my personal chauffeur to almost most of the places that I go. Without him, I can't imagine how inconvenient it is for me. 

Lastly, I just hope that both of our parents can be healthy and happy. 

b. Just 3 more days before Hubb is coming home.

Finally after waiting for 9 weeks, he's finally coming back. 1st time ever that he left home for so long. How I miss him especially he missed 2 months of my pregnancy which I consider as a big deal.

c. Just 2 more weeks and we will be jetting off to USA. 

Excited but yet scared. Couldn't change flight seats to bulkhead seats as there are passengers with infants who are waiting for the allocation as well. If to upgrade to economic plus, we will have to pay about SGD200 or more for each of us and this is still subject to availability. The agency claimed that his company didn't inform them of my pregnancy hence they did not help to allocate bulkhead seats for me when they made reservations in January. Damn.

d. Just 3 more months before baby is due.

I can't wait for her to pop out and show her off to her grandparents.

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