Brand new life in Idaho。 展新的生活。

May 1, 2009

We have finally shifted in to our house! This will be our home for the next 1 yr and 4 months here in Idaho. My house# is 5029 so you can give it a try on 4D.


Well sad to say, it's not the 'semi-detached' kind of house that I'm expecting. It's more like a single-storey country house BUT looking on the bright side as it's more established than the 'semi-detached' houses, the surrounding is prettier. I can never imagine waking up to see a cherry tree right outside my bedroom window smiling at me every morning in Singapore.

Initially, I hated this place but soon I grew to love it. Dad commented country house is just also as good as it's more country-like and I can't agree more. The interior is cosy and small which I think maybe it's just nice for a family of 3 to start their brand new life here. I will try to take photos once our shipment arrives and all furnishings are put up nicely. Anyway, we have bought a recliner, mattress, sofa & a cheap washing machine so far. All are here except for the sofa. Internet cable was also set up today and I can enjoy my time at home web-surfing from now. 


New houses

Took a walk to the so-called supermarkeBoldt 'Commissary' in the base yesterday afternoon with Eunice & Sze sze and oh man, how I regretted that decision. It's damm chilling and my ears are like ready to fall apart anytime. Bought quite some groceries back home and it's time for me to be a proper airforce wifey. To cook lunch for hubby to bring to work and waiting for him to knock off and have dinner together. 

昨天和Eunice跟Sze Sze從我的家步行到附近的超級市場 。實在是個錯吳的選擇。天氣冷到好像我的耳朵快掉而且刺痛。買了不少食品雜貨。終於能好好的在家裡做菜雖然不是廚師的水平。

Dinner was at Kurly's. Yes it's another fast food restaurant. I don't think I have been eating very healthy all these while but I'm really trying


Below is the dark carrot cake which we tried to make the other day and it turns out pretty decent and yummy.


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