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May 10, 2009

Been here for almost 3 weeks now. Pace of life here is slow and peaceful. Hardly any stress at all. It's indeed a good place to plan for a pregnancy here. Maybe the only challenge is to plan what's on the menu everyday without my complete cooking utensils. Was informed that our shipment will only be here around mid May to late May. I can't wait for them to arrive so that we can quickly be done with all the unpacking & get ready for the arrival of baby. 


Hospital orientation class is up next week follow up breast-feeding class and last but not least, childbirth class which will be held consecutively for 2 days during the weekend. 


Received our debit cards and called up bank to clarify the incorrect address indicated on our letter (and strangely they are still delivered to our correct address). Ordered few baby books online from Amazon.com and waiting for Hubby to get home before I place order for baby cribs & bedding sets which amount to several hundreds. Hence better wait for his approval first.


Last week we went to witness the arrival of new aircrafts from St. Louis and they had a BBQ celebration inside base. Picked up some wives and headed there for the day. Weather is good but very chilling & windy.When it's time to have the bbq, food already turned cold and we were practically shivering out in the cold eating the food.


Arrival of F-15 from St. Louis


George (Kun's best & very helpful buddy) & Kun


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