Passed my theory test. 理論測試通過。

May 11, 2009

One of the wives told me yesterday that they will be going to take their theory test for the 3rd time this morning and asked whether I want to join them. I have not even study the whole book yet and I have only 1 night to read up the theories. Was contemplating the whole evening. Hubby asked me just go for it since I have taken my basic & final theory before. I shouldn't have any problem but I still lack of self-confidence.


Stayed up a bit last night to read up the highlighted topics and went for the test just now. And I passed at my 1st attempt. Quite nervous since I haven't really study for any tests or exams ever since I am done with my LCCI accounting classes few years back. I'm so glad I passed. Next will be calling up the driving instructor and book my test appointment. Hope to get my 1st ever USA license asap.

因此臨時抱佛腳都了一晚上就去考。太久沒背書有一點生疏。可是到頭來我還是及格 下一個挑戰就是通過駕駛考試。希望能近快拿到美國執照。

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