At Downtown Boise. 在博伊西。

Jul 26, 2009

This was supposed to be posted sometime ago but haven't got a chance so am doing that now. Just a day before Keira was born, we went downtown and had a nice lunch at a chinese restaurant called PF Chang. The price is pretty reasonable, food is okay but ambience is very nice. They had a large horse statue just outside the restaurant which is quite magnificent.

這篇日記應該老早就登了但是一直沒空。在寶寶出世的前一天我們到了博伊西的一間中餐館吃午餐。價錢滿合理,食物還好但是裝潢很漂亮。門前的馬的雕像很zuan guan.

Me and Hubby

Tucking into our food

Us with George & Eunice

After the lunch, we walked around and spotted Urban Outfitters where I got my super dirt cheap crochet cloche for just $4.99. I can wear that during winter and look cute.. Ha..


Urban Outfitters

Just a random photo of a building which Hubby took

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