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Jul 27, 2009

After cooping at home for a full 1 month, Keira and myself finally stepped out of the house officially and our 1st trip to downtown Boise. Prepared 1 full diaper bag and off we go. I can't tell you seriously how relieved and happy I was to get out of the house. Every time when we go downtown, we will be taking this shortcut called Bypass Road and had never bumped into train passing by until that day. Luckily the train was pretty short as sometimes the wait can be up to half an hour as we heard.


Googled for a good Thai restaurant and that will be our lunch venue of the day. Food was surprisingly not bad, service was good and ambience was again NICE. Price is pretty reasonable too. 1 thing that disappoint though is the Tom Yum goong. The taste of the fish sauce was too strong and it kind of overwhelmed the entire soup. But the rest of the food were good. Wanted to take photo but was too eager to tuck in and forgot all about it except for the tiny bowl of Tom Yum goong and the yummy salad with peanut dressing which was so appetizing.


Me looking all puffy & shagged with the yummy salad

Tom Yum Goong

Interior Decor

After the lunch, we were thinking of going to the Farmer's Market but unfortunately, they close at 1.30pm so by the time we got there, all were packing up. And then, saw my favorite shop, Anthropologie, again and in we go but didn't manage to get anything as the rest seems to be impatient waiting for us. Anyway, Hubby promised me to come again just the 2 of us and then I can take my own sweet time to do shopping. Perhaps I can go for a haircut too.


The outing was rather a breeze with a new baby in tow. Keira slept throughout only waking up for her feeding and I'm really truly glad for that. I can't count how many people has been asking how old is she on the street or in the mall. Do you think people in SG will stop by, look at the baby and ask this kind of question? I think they will be returned with a rude stare instead. Haha..


Me with the pram looking so gigantic right next to me

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