Labor Day Getaway I. 勞動節Part 1.

Sep 9, 2009

USA Labor day falls on Monday (07/09) and with the Friday (04/09) being a family day, we have 4 days of long weekend. The last long weekend happened to fall during my confinement period and of course, we won't miss the chance again to pack our bags and have some fun. This time round, we went with Jane & YM and it's our 1st road trip with them. They are very sporting hence making the trip even more fun.

04/09 是家庭日而07/09是美國的勞動節這然我們有4天的長假。上一次的長假剛好是我在坐月子所以沒出門好可惜。這次也是我們第一次跟 Jane & YM去旅行。

1st stop:
While on the way to Sun Valley, we stopped at Shoshone Indian Ice Cave. In the 1880s, this cave was a ice source for the town of Shoshone. However, in 1940s, the ice melted due to overdevelopment of the town and poorly placed access tunnel. But in 1962, the ice effect was restored by Russell Robinson.

去Sun Valley的途中,在Shoshone的印地安人的冰洞穴。在1880s, Shoshone的冰的來原是從這裡的。可是在1940s因為城鎮太過發達跟隧道的出口弄的不好結果冰開是溶化了。在 1962,Russell Robinson再渡恢復冰效應。

Legend has it that the Indian Princess Edahow was buried in the ice-mass within the cave. Don't know how true it was but it's indeed abit eerie down there and the temperature was like -1 degree. I kid you not.


Thank god, I brought along the baby sling else I can't enter the cave with Keira. She's enjoying the coldness in the cave at -1 degree and was even snoring away, my goodness.


Listening attentively to the tour guide

Dead volcano
Preparing to enter the cave

Taken along the way into the cave

Keira and me entering the cave

Inside the cave

I feel the ice right below the ground. It's like a ice block. Super thick.

Inside temperature remains constant at -1 degree

Us posing outside the cave

Little Chinese man vs Big Red Indian

Group Photo

The 2 brothers

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