Labor Day Getaway II. 勞動節Part 2.

Sep 9, 2009

So after visiting the Shoshone Indian Ice Cave, we drive on to Sun Valley and along the way saw an antique fair and decided to get off the car and have a look.

去了印地安人的冰洞之後,我們前往Sun Valley。路途中看到古董的跳蚤市場於是決定下車看看。

Beautiful scenery along the way. It all seems so unreal.

The antique fair. It's a blessing that we get such wonderful weather during our visit.

At a baked potato stall. Very nice especially with the hot jalapenos.

Our stay, AmericInn, for only US$110 including tax for 4 pax and comes with 4 free breakfast.

The picturesque view that we wake up to in the morning.

Yes, he thinks this is his home.

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