Hubby 31st Birthday. 坤仔31歲生日。

Oct 25, 2009

October is really an important month in my dear family. The birthdays of the 3 most important persons in my life. Hubby, my dad and my mum.


Since Hubby's birthday falls on a Friday and us staying in such a ulu place with no fancy restaurant to go to celebrate, I decided to just have a simple celebration with him at home. I have baked a sponge cake with strawberry jam filling (initially my plan is to bake a mango filling sponge cake but the 2 mangoes that I bought home are not ripe enough and super sour) and cooked a simple risotto with pork chop and pan fried scallop with the 'disgusting' canned asparagus. I will never buy canned asparagus again. It tasted way awful.


So the present that I got for him is actually a little book that I have written of Keira's journey to our world. I admitted this is a rather rush out piece as I only had a week or so to compile and write. But I am quite pleased with the outcome although there are some grammar errors. I've tried my best! Anyway, if you guys like it, please vote for me! Please please please~ Thanks!


Doris and Eugene got him a bottle of Limited Edition of Absolut vodka and he likes it a lot.

Our family photo

Hubby opening up his present.

Our simple and 'lomantic' candelight dinner. Haha.

1 comment:

Sheena Ang said...

I applaud your effort in making the book.

It's wonderful.

It's a priceless gift for your perfect daughter.

You should keep it and give it to her on her 18th birthday. The day she becomes an adult.


U r doing great as a mum my dear cousin.

Keep it going.

Lots of love,
ying hui :)