Baby Keira at 29 weeks old. 29周大的寶寶.

Jan 8, 2010

Keira has been starting her semi-solid food for the past weeks. She's been doing well and have been trying different kind of food. So far, I have fed her with banana, avocado, pear, green peas & apple. And she's getting used to them now at this point. Mum told me that I can start preparing porridge for her now. Maybe I shall start soon. 

Daddy feeding Keira with rice cereal and pear

The high chair is still quite big for her so we stuffed her with blankets and pillows. 

All good to go and take her passport photos. See how dainty she look with the tiny hair-clip.

But look how injustice the photographer took her! So fat and she's not even looking into the camera. And 6 pcs cost US$17. How ex. I think I can take better than her. So angry.

Her favorite bathing past time now is to hold to the bath toys and suck on them. I think soon she will outgrown the bathtub again. This is the 2nd bathtub that we had bought for her.

Entertaining herself while Mummy is on the laptop. She's searching for her crab rattle which had dropped on the floor.

So lately, she is not able to put herself to sleep without any crying. I got myself on a book called Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. It seems pretty good. I've been trying out for this past week and it seems there are some improvements. Today she cried for about 20 mins before she knocked out. And has been sleeping for about 12 hrs every night. Waking up at about 6.15am - 7am. This is good but it's bad for me... I feel so tired having to wake up with her early in the morning. Hope that I can put myself to bed early from now. 

Finally, we will be going to the courthouse next Wednesday to submit her US passport application. And once receiving her US passport, I can complete her SG citizenship application which will take 3 months to process. But because if I were to apply for her SG passport through online, we have to go personally to collect it and it's not possible. Either that or ICA will send the passport to the nearest embassy and we will drive up to collect and this is too troublesome. So we are set on returning to SG using her US passport. Called up embassy and they said it's fine as long as we can provide proof of her SG citizenship. I have all these can be settle soon. 6 months to go before we return to SG. I can't wait.

So as life gets boring, you tend to find something fun to do. I have a new project in mind. To create a time capsule for Keira. Yes, I will be out sourcing for the nicest keepsake box that I can find to stash away any memorable things for her to look back at when she is older. For example, her birth announcement article that appeared on the base newspaper dated 11 Sep 2009, my fav magazine of the month she was born in for her to know how fashion is like in 2009 and etc. Apart from the yearly present that I will get for her, I will be getting an extra present which she was not to open till she turn 18yrs old. How nice meaning she will have 19 birthday presents by that time. Haha... I am sure she will be delighted.

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strawberrycheesecake said...

The time capsule idea is fantastic! U r such a wonderful mother!

-ying hui