Impromptu Visit from Chief of Defence。 国防司令的到访

Feb 10, 2010

So last night at about 10pm, we received a call from S1 saying that they would like our house to be clean up for a home visit from Chief of Defence. Click here for more introductory of him. I panicked. My house is always in a messy state and now since we are left with only 5 months here. I really can't bother too much to tidy up. And after that phone call, we spent a good almost 2 hrs to clean up the mess. It's kinda forced spring cleaning but now sitting in my neat dining area and seeing my lovely living hall and nice kitchen. I do have a sense of achievement. Haha.... 


Family photo with Chief of Defence, Desmond Kuek
I think I have to learn how to carry Keira properly so that she don't block my face in the photo.

So now let me present my 'nice' house. 让我陈现我的家。

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