My baby has shoe woes too.

May 20, 2010

I just realized Keira has small feet like me! I bought this cute little Carter's shoe quite sometime back and it's a Size 2. I didn't really remember how exactly big is a Size 2. She's not a sock or shoe person so she always seem to be on barefoot.

But I know all along she's been having difficulty wearing this Carter's shoes. It seems to be loose all along until recently, I manage to get her to wear it without any socks and it fits like a glove. And this size 2 is meant for 3-6 months. But Keira is already turning 11 months tomorrow. 

People will never know the agony of having small feet. Take for example my top 3 favorites shoe designers; Giuseppe Zanotti, Jimmy Choo & Manolo Blahnik, they hardly have a US 35 sizing at all. Their shoes aint cheap too lah haha.. I'm just quoting an example.

So I realized I have ordered the wrong sizes for Keira all along and now I'm stuck with a few pairs that seem to take eons for her to fit in again. I need to re-stock! Darn it.

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