Jul 22, 2010

Photo by Keira with the help of mummy pressing the click button.

So I will be heading back to work next month but till now HR have not call me yet. At least now Keira is adapting well under my mum's care so I shall pray she will be good while I'm away at work. 

Our issue with tenant has not been solved yet. Still holding on to their deposit but I have already informed his agent and our agent on the problem. It's all up to them to accept it or not. Really damn those ABNN!

Back in SG, I am getting so lazy in taking Keira's weekly photos but finally did some upload on the Facebook. It's hard to travel around with Keira alone when I have no car. I have been thinking to bring her out shopping myself but I don't think I can handle her with a stroller and a diaper bag in tow. This is the only thing that I may be missing in MH. Just the 2 of us. Taking a car ride out to get groceries or run errands. I see the carpark size in Singapore already very sian. The parking space is so tiny. I still haven't pluck up the courage to drive yet.

Some weekly photos of Keira for the past month.

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