Keira's 1st swim.

Aug 24, 2010

We had an enjoyable weekend. We had fun at Reyes' chalet for his 3rd birthday party celebration. Stayed over and Keira swam for the 2 days. She was really very at ease in the water which I am so glad.The new float that my Taiwan friend is really very useful and so much cheaper too compare to those selling in Singapore. 

Suddenly, my little baby is no longer little. She's becoming a toddler now. For example, while I am trying to browse through my magazine the other day, she tried to snatch it and torn a page. I looked at her sternly and said why did you do that? And she paused, looked at me, give me a jerky smile and then while waiting my response, she grabbed my face and gave me a kiss. She really thinks she can get away with it just like that. BUT she really did. LOL. 

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