Hubby's 32nd birthday celebration @ Cugini

Oct 29, 2010

This year I didn't really plan much for his birthday except to give him a good treat at an Italian restaurant. The food definitely didn't disappoint us. I keep reading about this place in my cousin's blog that I think I really should tried it out. The restaurant is located at Club Street and surprisingly when we first stepped in. There's not much of a crowd. It really look different in the day than in the night. But within the next hour, crowd streamed in and those without any reservations need to be disappointed.

Photo credit: The Hungry Cow

Interior of the restaurant

We ordered the Zuppetta di pesce alla Siracusana (seafood soup). It's extremely fresh and you can simply taste the sweetness of the seafood that they used to make this broth. For 2 to share a bowl, it really isn't enough.

Lighting is not very good but it's really very yummy!!

My order of risotto with seafood and mushroom 

 And Hubby's roasted lamb chops with green pepper, served with potato fried and boy was these really good stuff.

But as we are getting older, our digestive system are getting lousier too. Just 3 dishes and we are done for the day. We don't have any more space for the famous tiramisu. Darn!

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