Kerri @ 3 weeks old. 琦媛@3周大。

Feb 5, 2011

Kerri had developed some kind of baby pimples on her face. It started around on the 4th day with a bit of tiny pimples on just the side of her eyes and then subsequently spreading around her eyes and some on her nose.


The spreading is still not so bad at around the 5th or 6th day.

Few days later, it's beginning to spread throughout the face

We brought her to see the Pedi for her jaundice on Saturday and also checked on her skin condition. Jaundice has cleared up. Doc prescribed mild steriod cream and moisturizer to her. He said it will mostly clear up on its own with no medication too. Hence, I only applied the moisturizer on her so far and seems to begin to clear up a bit. I do not quite like the idea of steriod cream on her thin baby skin.


We had her weighed again and she's now about 2.8kg. I'm glad to know she's growing well. She's becoming such a big drinker. Drinking between 3-4 oz for her tiny size. And Mummy here is religiously pumping her milk every 3 hrs too but the milk supply is still quite low at the moment. It's kind of depressing. I hope I can keep this up!

量了体重。现在是2。8kg。长了大概500g从出生到现在。看她人小小可是胃口还满大的。她能喝3-4ounce 的奶还闲不够。我的人奶怎么样还是那么少。真的很烦。

At 3 weeks old, she's becoming more wide-eyed  although she is still pretty much sleepy during the day and more awake in the night. Just hope the two of them can grow up fast so that I can have an easier time.


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