Apr 30, 2011

Today I've planned to take Keira to Plaza Singapura. Wanted to go Spotlight to check out some stuff. Each time when I have my plan carefully laid out, there's bond to be disruption. And so today was that she refused to nap at 12pm her usual nap time. *pulling hair* So she dozed off within 3 mins while I was reading to her at 2pm.

So later in the evening I will be meeting Jes for a dinner at Sun Plaza instead. It's been a while since Keira met her too. Another Jie jie non-stop evening...

Just to clarify that the reason why I am back to blogging in here is due to me don't really fancy wordpress platform and most importantly, I thought why should I care about what others think of me right? I really can't be that bothered anymore.

So planning for Keira's big day now... 51 days to go. And on the TV now is the repeat telecast of the Royal Wedding. I like Kate's drop earrings more than her wedding gown.


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