Oct 16, 2011

Ok I guess everyone should have this kind of day. A day when you feel so helpless. A day when you feel you are the most useless person in the world. A day when you think suddenly everything around you turned out to be so negative. And finally I had a meltdown... I don't know why and what got into me.
I asked myself what has happen to me. Somehow I couldn't find an answer. Maybe taking of the kids alone has taken a toll on me especially when they are both sick and whiny. When both of them want my attention at the very same time.

Hubby is having his exams now and to add on, he needs to work on weekends as well. Is this the kind of normal life of a soldier? Being a military wife/gf for almost 9 years. I have to say I really had enough.  Soon soon I tell myself... This will all be a history.

With the pay raise of domestic helpers, I think I will even have to put off this thought for now hence I truly do need part-time help badly. Sometimes I really hope the girls can grow up faster so that I can have my own life back once more. It's all about taking care of them. Yes it's my responsibilities I know. I mean it's okay to be selfish once in a while to have this kind of thinking right?

Thankfully today, I felt so so much better. Well at least the mini house makeover can keep my mind sane for the moment. It's exciting but definitely not on the pocket.

I am looking forward to next Sunday where the whole family will be heading to MBS for a night's stay. Finally I get the chance to visit the highly-rated pool with the magnificent view. I must have a swim there at least or even just soak in it. Hubby said we must pay a visit to the newly opened LV boutique. And the next day which is Monday, I have already taken off and maybe we can go for a KTV session which we haven't had in a long while.

Ok folks. I am all full of hope once more.

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