Look back in 2011

Dec 31, 2011

Kerri's arrival in Jan marks the biggest event of the year for our family. Till now, I still couldn't believe how we can be gifted with such a pretty little thing. Having her presence can be quite overwhelmed at times but we are coping with that. She never fails to brighten our day every morning. I love how she gaggles each time Jie Jie did something that amazed her. 

Almost 3 months after the birth of Kerri, I decided to join back the workforce and took up the job which I thought will be an ideal one only to realize it's getting nowhere and literally with zero satisfaction at all. I left after 2 months. And at this point, I have already pulled Keira out from the private daycare after a week trial as we just don't think it is suitable for her. And at the end of all these, I thought I have failed. BADLY. With the career going nowhere and wasting the 2 months in the company when I can spend them more useful on Kerri. It just sucks. Being a working mother is really not as easy as I thought it is. 

Then came a call from my ex-company asking me to join them back. It couldn't be anymore appropriate. And another surprise came shortly after from the daycare centre which I initially wished to put Keira in but unable to due to no vacancy called up. They mentioned they have a spot for Keira and immediately I jumped on it. See... life is still not that bad after all.

From then, everything just falls in place nicely. My noble mother is taking such great care of Kerri while Keira finally accepted the school just 2 months plus into attending the daycare. I couldn't be more grateful for this planning.

As for the husband, his degree course is coming to an end pretty soon. Knowing how tough it is for the past year for him to struggle with family, work and studies really make me more appreciate him. For the sake of our family and to give us a better life. I am very thankful for him. 

So next year we will embark on another different journey, I am sure we will have more to write by then.

And not to forget, a Happy New Year to all of you!

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