RIP Irene

Jan 1, 2012

Right smack in the early morning of the 1st day in 2012. I received a news. A very bad one. The wife had passed away in an accident with the youngest of their 3 kids in critical condition. I couldn't believe it when Hubby informed me of it. Until I read the evening news. It's true.

They are left just with 4 months to return back to SG and this had to happen. I really pray hard for the youngest girl. I hope she can survive through this. And I am sure Irene will be looking after them from above. But it still struck me so sudden.

It is at this time that I feel that BT need to pull through all this above anything. For the sake of the children and we trust you can do it.

Please rest in peace, dear Irene. And you will forever be the most amazing and patient mother I ever came across.

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