This time last year...

Dec 24, 2011

We were in Taipei. Temperature was below 20 most of the time and we thought the weather is just perfect though it can get pretty cold in the evening. I felt guilty for spending our favorite holiday away from Keira and left her at my mum's place.

So this year, I decided to have a quiet christmas just our little family alone and I got it. We had a nice meal over beef casserole which I have begin to throw in the oven for almost 4 hours. And it came out PERFECT! I followed this Jamie Oliver's recipe but replaced the sage leaves with bay leaves and left out the parsnips. The meat totally fall apart and it was so soft and tender. I didn't took a photo of it as we were too hungry and also we don't have a nice casserole. Getting a decent casserole is on top of my wish list for 2012.

With the cool weather at this time of the year, everything just feel so right.

And on christmas morning, the 3 of us awaken up with bright eyes. Keira was all smiley and even got excited when I said it's time to open the presents! So off they went to tearing up the presents ruthlessly.

It's happy Boxing day today and wishing everyone happy holidays!

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