Weekly happenings

Dec 16, 2011

1. Completed a forest of paper Christmas trees for Keira's class n her main teachers for their Xmas party in school.

2. Our house had a new fresh paint coat. It looks so much brighter and spacious than before.

3. Keira was down with fever and flu once more. One too many times these few weeks. Poor kid.

4. It's firmed that Kerri is picking up on her speech at 10 months old. Her main words are bird, no more (Mei you in Chinese), don't want (bu Yao), mum mum (meaning for food), Bao Bao (meaning for carry) and I think some of mama.

4. Clifford the dog is her best friend now. She's always clinging on to his leash and try to walk him around the house in her walker. Just too cute to watch.

5. Completed the birthday banner for
Kerri's Party. It's looking good.

6. Train system has been the talk of the town and the Facebook wall has been bombarded with topics related to that.

7. Keira is into saying I don't know with a tinge of slang in it. I wonder where she learnt it from.

8. The kids fought over a balloon well 2 to be exact and Kerri lost. She looked defeated.

9. Kerri actually took off her pajamas on her own. Almost I mean.

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