Preparing for west life

Apr 12, 2012

Basically those items on my to-do-list still sort of untouched. I have not done grocery shopping which includes stocking up of formula, toilet rolls, condiments and etc. In case you are wondering, it's really expensive buying toilet rolls or tissue papers in the states though the quality is good. It's just not really worth it.

Our flat has not been rented out yet and no news so far. I can list a million things and I still am not pushing my butt to do them. Perhaps once I'm free next week onwards, I can get them done slowly.

And also, the preparation of my big project. As I sink deeper, I find that really it's not easy as I think it is. There's really a lot of things for me to learn. And I realized though I can focus better now. I know what exactly I wish to do. It makes the thing perhaps slightly better. Getting excited!

Maybe when I am not feeling so lazy or having pre-relocation depression, I will blog more often.

Ending a pic of the big princess enjoying the evening sea breeze at the dam earlier today.

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