Vancouver BC: Eating around & Maplewood Farm

Aug 15, 2012

It's been a long hiatus from this cyberspace.

We are back from our 7 days long road trip and I'm so glad we survived the almost 24 hours driving (to and fro) with the 2 monsters. They had occasional meltdown of course but overall still pretty well-behaved in the car. I'm quite proud of them. It's my 1st time too driving for 2 hours up to Seattle when the Hub was really tired. It's such a surreal drive. Nothing beats driving along amazing pretty sceneries.

We drove up to Vancouver BC for 4 days before heading down to Seattle for another 4 days. The distance between these 2 places is like 2 hours drive away. Pretty convenient.

Day 1:
Reached Vancouver and declared it as a rest and relax day. Had ramen at a restaurant below the hotel and we went back to crash into bed and rested till evening time.

This is how Vancouver custom checkpoint looks like. The scale is much smaller than our checkpoint.

Thankfully, the queue is still not that long.

But it's massive jam at the opposite lanes.

 Lunch at a random ramen restaurant beneath our hotel.

Visited a shopping mall at Burnaby and then had dinner at Congee Noodle King. Their food were good.

Day 2: 
Woke up early and had brunch at Scoozi's, an Italian restaurant which serve very nice egg benedict though it's rather pricy. Their cinnamon roll was amazing! After which, we set off for Maplewood Farm where the kids had fun petting the animals and learning how a cow is being milked. Dinner was at Hitoe Japanese restaurant where I satisfied my tastebud in having my mentaiko udon.

 Their Chinatown. Duh us forgot to visit the steamclock for a photoshoot.

Our faithful car. The 3 ladies sitting outside the window kept turning around gushing at Kerri. When we left, they kept talking and playing with her and said she's a doll.

Spot space needle.

Daddy with his 2 darlings.

Maple tree


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