What kind of food diet do you have at home?

Mar 7, 2013

I have this habit to check all the ingredients/contents of the food/snacks/drinks off the shelves in the supermarket. To me, the food additives that need to be avoided that rank the first place is flavor enhancers follow by preservatives for our choice of food.

Sometimes it's unavoidable when adults offered candies to the kids outside or when we have to really eat out. I should say at least do it moderately. In my house, I do not believe in using any flavor enhancers to make our food any yummier.

I did not get Keira started on any flavoring in her diet until she turned one and much as I would like to drag this, it's hard when we returned back to Singapore and the grandmothers will usually add a bit of soy sauce to enhance her meals. She never knew what's the taste of a lollipop is until she turned 17 months old. But still despite all these, we allow her to be adventurous in her choice of food. At 44 months old, she loves all her vegetables except maybe for mushrooms. But when I explained the benefit of them, she will still be willing to eat them up. She will get sick if she eat too much of fried food and will request to drink a lot of water. She knows when it's enough.

Kerri, on the other hand, is still rather picky with her food even though she eat so much faster than her sister. She dislikes vegetables a lot! But come to think of it, Keira was like that too when she's her age but that slowly change as she becomes older. Her favorite are still the candies and chocolate. I have been cutting down all these on her by a lot.

Even the hubby is complaining why we do not have snacks, tidbits or any soft drinks at home. That's right. We only have seasonal fruits, filtered water, orange juice and organic milk most of the time unless we have guests over then we will have beers and fizzy drinks in the fridge. Ok. Maybe 1 tub of ice-cream is always in sight in the fridge to satisfy my own craving. And I realized the lesser sweet stuff the hubby eat, the nicer his skin becomes. It's true. Sweets can cause you to break out. I heard it from my past beautician. I also hardly cook fried stuff at home.

Lastly, cut down on fried stuff. I hardly make any fried food at home. Even if I bought those frozen fish fingers from the supermarket, I would bake them and not fried them. Lately, I have make a habit to cook more vegetables and boil healthier soups. The kids are definitely enjoying the soups a lot.

Next up, to learn how to make chinese dessert for nourishment and beauty. We will see.

Anyway, this is one article which I find very useful when you should check before buying any food. Especially if they are to be fed to the children. Store this in your mobile phone. It's always good to refer back to.

Artificial 102, 104, 107, 110, 122, 123, 124, 127, 128, 129, 132, 133, 142, 151, 155, 
Natural 160b annatto

200-203 sorbates 
210-213 benzoates
220-228 sulphites
249-252 nitrates & nitrites
280-283 propionates

310-312 gallates 
319-321 TBHQ, BHA, BHT

Flavour enhancers

620-625 glutamates incl. MSG
627 disodium guanylate
631 disodium inosinate
635 ribonucleotides
HVP hydrolysed vegetable protein

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