Past scenes from February

Mar 5, 2013

Keira @ 44 months and Kerri @ 25 months old

Today I attended the parent-teacher conference for Keira. She will be moving on to pre-kindergarten after summer camp. Finally. She started school last August and when I went for the conference last October, she already knew all her alphabets, shapes and numbers. This time round, the teacher showed me the same thing and I was thinking it really was a waste of time but at least she has become more socialized and this may aid her in moving on to a new environment in August. Perhaps she will be more well-prepared.

I can really tell Keira loves her Chinese class so much that she can't wait to finish her assignment every time she reach home and she will keep repeating what the teacher had taught her in class. Now the girls are so good in singing the chinese lullabies that my friend had burnt for them into a disc. We listen to them every single day without fail. I guess it really help to build their interest in this language. Kerri can even sing along with Keira now.

As the weather gets warmer, the children couldn't get any happier. They are allowed to play outdoor now.

We bought this slide over from a friend who left in December and the girls finally have a chance to have a go on it.

During end of February, I have requested to Kerri's teacher on putting her for full week class. She's currently on 3 days/week. Ms Debbie said she would like to give her another month before putting her for full 5 days as she sometimes still get pretty upset occasionally. Well, that's fine for me as long as the teachers and her are comfortable with one another.

As for getting Kerri to quit her pacifier, not much luck. She still will ask/shout for it in the middle of the night but at least, she has not been asking as much in the day as before. That's a good sign.

Oh and we bought one more car for Hubby's easy transportation to work since I am driving most of the time during the weekdays. It's a 1991 Mazda Miata which is the current MX5. 10 years younger than me but this lady is still performing quite well. We got it for around less than three grand. Pretty good steal I must say. And the man said he finally had a chance to own a convertible sports car in his entire life. Well, technically yes it's very true.


We had a chinese new year celebration in the community centre on base which Hubby is the committee this year. It was very heartwarming to celebrate with so many Chinese around. We kind of enjoyed it. I wore back the qi bao that I worn last year. The girls looked pretty cute in theirs too.

Kerri and me before attending the Chinese New Year celebration held by squadron.

Keira's 2013 CNY outfit

Overall, February has been good to us. I can't wait for August to come as we are planning a holiday to Caribbean! The sun, the sea and the sand. I am so excited but yet nervous for the almost 12 hours flight with them. I got to start doing my research and start making booking now.

I hope March will get even better for us all until the dreadful April where the hubby will be away to Florida for almost a month again. We will see again.

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