July recap

Sep 6, 2013

This year, I must say we had a pretty fulfilling summer activities.

Finally, we managed to catch live fireworks on Independence Day right here in MH. Our last chance this year. We kept missing out this event. It lasted pretty long and the girls were really fascinated throughout.

We caught our first family movie in a movie theatre (not at home) and the kids were relatively on their best behavior. And because Despicable Me was our 1st family movie, I went to collect all the 8 minions collectible from Maccas to commemorate this family event. Ok I know it's pretty bo liao...

I had my first attempt in making bread loaf and red bean buns. Pretty easy and they actually tasted quite good too! Ok the buns really don't look that fantastic because of the small pan that I've used (they can't expand properly) but they really were pretty decent.

Keira had her finally last few shots for turning 4 years old. Well, it's not that few.. It's like 5 individual shots on both her thighs and she almost went mad I swear.

We got to pick apricots from Tyler's Rocky Point Orchard and had our first ever experience in cutting out fresh lavenders from the farm.

We had fun at our friend's private backyard pool which is so huge that even the adults enjoyed it so much!

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