Our Maiden Cruise on Disney Wonder to the Caribbean (Day 3 & 4)

Jun 30, 2014

On the morning of Day 3, this is the view that welcomes us. The cruise had quietly docked (well not that quietly I suppose) while we were all in dreamland. The hubby had booked himself for a dive on this day while he instructed me that I can leave the kids at the kids' club and find some activities to do on my own.

So I told the kids to stay in the club while Mummy explore the island myself. They were pretty game and just told me to leave them.
The club that they have is the best thing that I have ever seen. They were so well-entertained and lots of activities/crafts for them which they really adored.
The Duckies' family is super cute. Didn't notice it before at all.

The husband told me to stay onboard and find some activities to participate while he's off to diving. He instructed me not to roam about the streets of Cozumel myself as he feel it's not that safe. BUT hey, I don't want to waste my time onboard in such a beautiful day. So I headed out alone but didn't really venture far as I wanted to bring the kids out when he's done with his diving and join us to explore this place.

The street sight is very gorgeous until when the husband mentioned that the backstreets which the coach bus brought them to their diving place are literally those you can see in our neighbor country.

Street artists doing painting on shells.
Perhaps we didn't wander far enough but what we see from the port are all what the place can offer us. We took less than 3 hours to be done with the walking. 

The problem with asking strangers to snap a family photo is they can never get what we want. And we just have to make do with it. Still, I'm thankful we have a decent family photo in front of the cruise ship at least.

So after whole day of roaming and the husband tired from the diving, we went back to wash up a bit before we attend the Golden Mickey's performance for the night. 

Here we are pretty worn out and patiently waiting for the show to start. Too bad no photos allowed.
And the mealtime that we have been waiting for, our French cuisine for the evening.  Everything was just so yummy and delicious. Even though the kids have their fair share of Mac & Cheese and steak that they chose, Kerri was still fighting with me over my duck confetti. I tell you, this girl has expensive taste. 

His prawn appetizer.

You don't say you are having a French dinner without some escargots. 
French onion soup. Too small too yummy.
This is a dish which I can't even remember what it is but taste really good.
Yes you are right! We ordered 4 appetizers for this night's dinner.

Oh! My duck confit. I really can have 2 servings of these after having Kerri stealing almost half of them for herself. 
The husband's lamb chop with brussels sprouts and some tangy sauce which totally compliment the meat.
Pretty much what we did on Day 4 is going for Frozen movie (got cheated by Keira to watch it twice!),  characters chasing and drawing lessons. And now Keira can draw a mean Mickey Mouse freehand and quick. She's been practicing ever so often that I feel ashamed to be asked to draw the Goofy which we have learnt onboard too.

Her Mickey Mouse waffle. We had the exact same one at Disneyland California and Disneyland Hong Kong. 
Oh so we did played a game of Bingo while the girls were in the kids' club but halfway through, the smart alec, Kerri, decided to ask one of the caretakers in the club to give me a text to pick her up.  I thought what happened only to realize she's bored with what she's doing. So she got a chance to chill at the pub with us while helping herself to free flow of tortilla chips and some live singing too.

And she's really enjoying the ice-cream so much that you can see there's grin in her eyes.

Us catching some entertainment below.
And follow by, our dinner dishes as follow.

Dinner photo.
And they were so happy to catch Belle near the lift area by accident. Ha!

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