Our Maiden Cruise on Disney Wonder to the Caribbean (Day 5 & 6)

Jul 4, 2014

Welcome to the Paradise! Here we are. Docking at Disney's very own private island, Castaway Cay. Can you believe it? Everything's just perfect. What can we ask for? We woke up early in the morning, called in room service for breakfast and all ready for our adventure. 

On the buggy sending us around the island

The seashell cake that Keira made.

I love this photo! So free-spirit, so carefree.

Happy sisters!

Taking a selfie while queuing up at the BBQ buffet line for our lunch.

Again. Everything's free except alcohol and merchandiser.

Kerri acting silly.

Olaf in Caribbean and I'm surprised he's not melting.

The family photo that we attempted few times on the self-timer to get it right. What a day! Everyone's burnt but oh so happy.
Right before we board the cruise to end the day. Choppy water.

The view from our Stateroom.

The girls all washed up and getting ready for the finale show for the night.

Our last fantastic dinner on board!

The little missy was so cranky because she's so tired out from all the activities. Refused to eat her dinner but attacked my dessert instead.

Our amazing servers throughout our cruise stay. 
And the last activity is none other than princesses chasing. They were thrilled to meet all their favorite princesses.

And this is Keira's fav fav fav princess. Rapunzell. She kept stop gushing her pretty long hair.

Because the next morning, we have to get up early and rush for our final breakfast before debarking. We simply do not have time to take any much photos. But one word to describe this whole experience. Awesome

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