Hanging out with UTAC folks

Sep 12, 2008

Today it's supposed to be a celebration for the mooncake festival and in the end, we settled at a restaurant called Waraku at East Coast Park. The gang consists of Kris, Samy (new Indian SM), Roy, YL, Wendy, Jenny, Jerry, Kris' cousin, Sze Hui and JoJo and not forgetting GC who rushed down for work just to meet up for this dinner and then rush for her night drive back to Malaysia.

Really had a lot of fun and laughters during the dinner after which we proceeded to Mac for some desserts. All the people in the gang were somehow related and most of them are actually came from their former company. It's just so coincidence This industry seems to be so small. 

Just reached home and took my shower watching Paralympic repeat on channel 5. It's not almost that 'hot' as Olympics but the opening is equally grand I feel. This weekend is going to be my last. Finally! Hubby is coming back soon. I just can't help it but feel excited. Am already planning what to cook for him when he gets back.

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