Day 2 without Hubb

Feb 8, 2009

Don't know why but today seems to be pass so ever slowly without Hubb around. Woke up at 8am+ after hearing my mum messed with my things in the room and keep asking me this and that. It all felt like before. Couldn't sleep after that and read some stuff up.

Tried to connect internet connection but to no avail and got my uncle to drop by to fix it for me. Finally am using my macbook now. Familiar touch. Proceed back to our nest to bring back some misc. stuff and shifting back to PIL's place. Thereafter, went SSC alone and do some shopping.

Dinner was at 2nd uncle's place. We had steamboat and played blackjack. All were asking about the hubby and baby. Nothing much happening. Tomorrow will be going over to Rina's place for lunch and blackjack again. Don't feel like gng cause of my swollen foot. It just looks so damn ugly and fat. I hate it. No hubb to massage for me.

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