Welcoming BB Keira to this wonderful world. 迎接琦璇的到來在這個美麗世界.

Jun 28, 2009

She was born on Father's Day 21 June shortly after noon. Weighing about 2.5kg (around 5.9 pound). Indeed the best present for a Father's Day that a daddy can ever ask for. Mummy is trying to conceal the jealousy in here.

她是在父親節6月21日出生。體重是2.5kg 等於5.9 磅。她是獻給父親最大的父親節禮物。我是有點

English Name: Keira

Chinese Name: 陳琦璇

Since I bet all are interested to know my birth story, I shall share with you people.

Just dozed off after a hard day of shopping, eating and playing mahjong at about 3+am and when we were fairly having a good few hours' sleep, I was awake with my water bag broke. This usually happens in the movies I was thinking but no, it's really happening to me. Don't really feel much contractions thereafter and quickly wake Hubby up and get ourselves prepared and drove to hospital.


Upon reaching, nurse checked on my dilation and found it's still only 3cm. So off to snoozy land we go and took a short nap for about 1+ hr when they took another look at me. This time I've dilated to 8cm. Doc wants me to get prepared for the real labour as my contractions is getting stronger and more regular.


Slowly, the strong contractions came in and oh man, it's the worst menses cramps that a girl can ever ever had I swear. It feels like something is ripping inside your stomach and yet you can't do anything to stop it but to endure. Finally at about 10+ in came my life saviour. He asked once again whether I really wish to take the epidural and I was still pondering but the pain was truly killing me hence I said go ahead. Managed to sleep for another 1 hr+ before the real pushing starts.


He got me to sit upright by the bedside with my head leaning against Hubby's chest and my legs and arms all go round him. I was shivering hard due to the pain NOT the needle. Shortly, I felt a tingling sensation on my spine and it was done. I only remembered holding onto Hubby very hard. Later after the labour, he told me how scary and big that epidural needle was and asked whether it's painful. Seriously, the pain is just like normal needle that used for blood test. The pain was simply incomparable to the contractions.


After all was set in, the epidural began to take effect and I felt numbness on my legs. Slowly I was losing control of my legs. They don't belong to my body anymore. I began to feel comfortable again and took another 1+ nap together with Hubby. We were both dead tired I can tell you. 1 lesson learnt never never stay up too late or play too hard when your due date is approaching. It's nightmare. Imagine tiredness + nervousness + anxiousness + scariness = indescribable.


Anyway, the real pushing started around 10+ near to 11. That's when the real show came. The pushing was not so bad as they did not give me full dosage of epidural as I still felt some pain so whenever the contractions came in, I will need to start pushing 3 times and stopped.


All these went for over 2.5hrs before Doc Shutts said: I would need you to push real hard as I can only give you 3 hrs of pushing. Anything longer than that, I would have to use either the forceps, the vacuum or an episiotomy. I do not want all 3 of the choices of course. But guess what, shortly after she said that, I seriously went into meditation mode. No more joking or talking. CONCENTRATE is the only thing I want to do now. Hence, I pushed with every single strength I have and BB Keira came into the world 5 minutes after the doc's threatens.

經過了2.5鐘頭,醫生說再不出來只好用鉗子 ,吸器或把我剪開。但然我全不都不要。就更極及的努裡堆。沒料到不到5分鐘,寶寶就出來了。

Me with Hubby before the real contractions came.

1st photo of Keira

Me with Keira after she was being cleaned by the nurses.

Our postpartum room

BB's 1st day

Flower & bear gift sent from his squadron

Homegrown sunflower from Doris & Eu and a book for Dad from the hospital

Gifts from the well-wishers

Baby at home

Crying when trying to put her near the window.

Baby settling down comfortably after getting used to the sun. She enjoyed it.

Encik's wife, Florence, giving baby her 1st bath at home on our dining table.
Since then, Hubby has been the one doing all the bathing. He's getting the hang of it.
坤仔的Encik的太太 幫寶寶洗澡。

And finally, a very satisfied and happy looking baby we've got for the ending post. Keira says Hello World!

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