Nov 4, 2009

Mother Weather seem to have skipped fall and went straight to winter. Each morning I wake up to the temperature of 15-18 degree celsius inside the house. I most dread to wake up in the wee hours and got to tip toe in the kitchen and make milk for Keira. That's how bad. Our 'ulu' house does not have auto temperature adjustor like others do. We have to on the heater ourselves if it's freezing cold. Although living in a 4 seasons country seem cool but I still miss our sunny Singapore. 


Tomorrow will be my 2nd time bringing Keira out all by myself. I want to go Wal-mart to do some marketing and maybe if time allows to develop photos as well. Hubby is leaving the car to me. And I pray that the weather tomorrow will be a pleasant one and Keira will behave herself. 


The leaves on our neighbour's tree have all fallen to the ground and they spent a good long day to clear up those leaves. How I pity them. Anyway, I hope we can go to the park one of these days before winter hit us. I want to have a family photo taken in the park with those beautiful trees that have turned colors. Just the 3 of us. How nice. 


So Portland trip will be canceled due to poor weather foreseen hence we are going Las Vegas. This will be a rather rush trip as we have only 4 days but we have decided that this will be just a casual trip no rushing or trying to conquer the many must-go places. We will be back next year eventually to see Grand Canyon of course! We just want to spend our long weekend away from base. And we will be going with 2  other couples. Hotel has been booked today. All's well. I can't wait. 


My birthday is coming soon! This has been always the favorite day of the year for me even though I don't have elaborate celebrations or many birthday presents every year. I just love this day. It's my special day. And my 1st birthday with my baby girl. And this year, I splurged on a new macbook for myself not that I always splurge on myself on this day every year. I just thought my macbook pro is dying on me and I need to get a new one and why don't I make that as a birthday present for MYSELF? Of course, I will be sad once I sold this macbook pro because this was my wedding proposal present. Yes I chose this over a diamond ring which I thought it's more practical and it indeed did. It serves me well for the past 3 years. How time flies. I don't demand a diamond ring seriously. It's only a want and not a need in my wish list. I believe Hubby will get me one day but I don't wish to be so soon too. I don't see a need yet. Maybe for our 10th or 20th anniversary present ba as one of my friend suggested. Ha...


We still have 8 more months before going back SG. We have already been here for 7 months. And I seriously can't imagine how I have survived till date. I MISS EVERYONE BACK IN SG REALLY!!! I'M NOT LYING. I miss my popo's and mummy's cooking the most. 


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