Rest In Peace Jackson

Dec 28, 2009

This post is dedicated to our good friend cum renovation contractor cum big brother, Jackson. He died on 29th November from a heart attack at the age of 38. I knew about it when I received a christmas card sent from Singapore by his wife. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read it. It's so sudden.

He's a humorous guy who was easy-going. Hubby gets along well with him and they shared common topics. He was simply like our big brother. We feel very comfortable with him. I know his favorite idol is Wu Qi Xian which I often laughed about and he loved the clam chowder soup from Buckaroos. I told him that we must meet up for a dinner before we came over to USA but we were busy packing during the break when Hubby came back from St. Louis that I asked to postpone it when we returned. It seems like there will be no dinner after-all. Really regretted it. 

Life's really too short. From now on, I must make sure that whatever I say or do I really have to mean it. You really never know what will happen the following day. 

Sorry Yandao, we didn't get to see you for one last time. You will forever be in our heart. I know it must be hard for your wife to take it but do not worry, I know she's a strong woman. 

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