Bursting wardrobe!!!

Dec 5, 2010

How can such a tiny person has so many clothing? Mummy is to be blame I suppose and of course some are hand down from her cousin, Sarah. Trying to clear some of Keira's clothing to make way for Mei Mei but seems like even Keira doesn't have enough space for now. Let alone for Mei Mei.

I never realized she has such huge collection of clothes until now. And furthermore, I didn't realized she had outgrown some of the stuff that are still brand new with tags on them. At least Mei Mei will still have some new clothing to wear instead of all hand me downs.

My cabinet itself is already bursting too. And I am still trying to figure where to store our winter wear which are still sitting in the boxes. Perhaps it's a good idea next time to have a room convert to fit in the 3 women's clothing in this house.

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