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Dec 13, 2010

It's less than 2 months before the arrival of Mei Mei. Things are definitely getting busy in our household. New walls to be up soon before we head to Taiwan for our 2nd baby moon. More shelving for the girls' room needed and photos need to be develop to be hang up too. Not forgetting my beloved recliner which is still in the wrapped up state in the hall that need to be set up.

Keira (who is turning 18 months) is also doing her part too. We are sleep training her to sleep in her own bed in their own room. It's been 4 days now. Some nights are good but some nights she simply still need to snuggle up with me after her milk instead of going back to her own bed. I have to keep coaxing her to climb to her own bed to sleep. It's really NOT easy! But I am being determined.

Installed an app in the iPhone for baby monitor. Tried out last night and worked like a breeze. Once she's used to fall asleep on her own (which I hope soon) I will move back and sleep on our darling Simmons mattress instead of the floor.

The pile of hand me down clothing are still lying around on the floor. I have to clear them soon and of course not forgetting my own wardrobe. I need to relocate my working clothes to elsewhere for more commonly wear clothing. It's getting messier now.

Don't know why but lately I really take to liking of mopping and washing our bathroom. And I don't know how many times hubby had ticked me off for doing all that. I just like the aftermath of doing the houseworks. It seem like this is only the way for me to sweat now that I can't do any running or exercise. I want to feel light and easy to maneuver again and of course can't wait to meet Mei Mei too.
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