Kerri @ 16 weeks old (4 months old)

May 20, 2011

My baby turned 4 months old yesterday. She's a far more chirpy baby than Keira when she's of the same age. You can't keep looking at her while doing the feeding because she will thought you are playing with her and she will get distracted and keep smiling. When you are trying to undress her for a bath, she will think you are playing with her too and she will giggle non-stop. Just last night, she laughed in her sleep together with Jie Jie. BUT when she wants her milk or sleep, she still MUST get them no matter what.

We were shopping at PS the other weekend when we just arrived there for just a short while because she cried non-stop no matter how I pacify her. And in the end, we ended our trip short. The moment we hit back in the car, she fell asleep in her car seat. What a spoilsport she is really!

So I have set up the jumperoo and the walker (both meant for 4 months and up) passed down from Keira. BUt looking at it, I think she can only start perhaps 5th months onwards. Her neck is getting steadier but not that steady yet. At least, she can sit comfortably in her bumbo chair for a longer time now.

Her milk intake now is ranging from 4oz to 4.5oz every 3 hours. My mum told me she fed her 5oz today while I was out and she finished all of them. Usually when I was working, she will be already be asleep at my mum's place by the time I reach there. So around 8pm when we headed home, we will bond with her for a while before giving her the last feeding and put her to bed. And the feeding usually can last her till 3-4am or sometimes till the next morning (but that's very rare case). Now she usually fell asleep around 6pm+ and off to lala land...

Experts say the best bedtime for kids is from 6-7pm. Well, of course back in the states, I can manage that and Keira will usually be asleep when we are having our dinner. Much as I am trying but I know once when I'm back to work again, Kerri will just have a later bed time again.

Just today while Hubby and Keira was playing together, Kerri actually laughed at them and the way she looked is as if she wants to join in the fun too. It was hilarious. I mean she's just a 4 months old baby. Keira was never like that at all.

At Week 15
Hubby and Keira had a similar photo too and were taken in a Jap restaurant too!


At Week 16

 In the arm of Popo who dote her dearly...

Her new friend, the Peacock

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