Good old Borders

Aug 20, 2011

It's sad to hear that Borders @ wheelock will be closed for good.

We will hang out there during our dating days. And when we got married, this will be the hunt when we will first think of whenever we feel like doing on a lazy weekend. Then when I became preggy with Keira and during the period when hubby was in ST Louis for training, I will hop on the bus and go there to spend my weekends away too.
Until now, I will still bring Keira there and she will be so happily rummaging the shelves for books and grab them to ask me to read to her.

Last Saturday was the last time we were there. Waiting for hubby after his class and it's when I spotted Tyler Florence cook book.

Thank you for all the memories. It's sad to see u gone like that especially when borders stores in the states are having their out of business sales, you didn't manage to escape the almost similar fate after all.

It's a pity we had no photos taken in there for remembrance.

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