Kerri @ 33 weeks old

Sep 15, 2011

My little muchkin now has her own tantrum. She's no longer the baby who will just watch her toys being snatch away quietly. She will retaliate when Keira try to snatch her toys away by grabbing it tightly. And of course, each time she will lose she will burst into tears. This is such a headache. I can't seem to let Keira know she's her darling sister though sometime I can caught Keira talking to Kerri as if she's trying to teach her something.

She still don't really take semi-solid food in very well. Contented with just her milk. This is another challenge which we are facing now. We had tried different kind of variety but she don't really like them.

Maybe we will need to give her more time.

I'm training her to drink from sippy cup now. So far so good. She's still getting the hang of it.
Now her wake time is longer, we need to keep her entertain even more. She no longer is satisfied playing on her jumperoo or sitting in her bumbo chair seeing the activities that Keira and us are doing.

She wants to carry more and will cry for attention whenever she sees us but yet we walk past her. She loves to shake her head as if she's saying no. I can tell u it's very cute whenever she does that.

Her favorite cartoon is Mickey clubhouse. She can be so totally hooked on the tv and then shaking her leg when the hotdog song is on. Baby Einstein not really her cup of tea.

I think she kind of like how when I read to Keira and she lying in between us. Sometimes she seem to understand what I am saying.

She's starting to observe my mouth movement whenever I talk to her. I am waiting for her to start babbling for papa and mama eagerly.

Just last weekend we actually brought her out in the evening when she is suppose to have her bedtime. It definitely feel great to be out together as a whole family. She is rather well-behaved until she poo-ed in her diaper and start acting cranky.

However, after changing her, she's all good again and we went Medi-ya to do some grocery shopping. Wanted to bring the kids to enjoy the lighted boats for mid-autumn festival but we totally forgot about it until we drove out from the carpark.

I can't believe she's turning 7 months soon. It seems like alot of things have happened during this period.

Just tell me how can one not love this little being?

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