Year end once more

Nov 1, 2011

November and December are always the 2 fav months for me. It's not surprise why because my birthday falls in November and our wedding anniversary will be on the lovely Christmas Day.

I have already got my 2nd part of birthday present from Hubby which is a concert night. And seriously I don't know what he has in plan for my 1st part of birthday present. I have totally no clue at all.

Probably I will book us a dinner at a lovely restaurant where we will dress smart. Just the 2 of us perhaps. I hope the dresses that I have ordered online will come soon in time.

We attempted to celebrate Christmas once at our place but in the end, almost all invited guests pulled out at the last minute that we called off the entire party. Talked about all the preparation ready and the excitement.
It was the first time that it happened to us and it was a total disappointment.
Well anyway it was a few years back.

Probably this year I will try to make ourselves some good Christmas dinner and spend the night with the kids and Hubby. A quiet holly night. I kind of miss the white Christmas that we had in Mountain Home though. Snowy, white, cold and then us getting cozy at home and opening our presents. Exactly how it will look like in the scene of a typical movie.

And after all this, I hope our home makeover can progress as I had planned. *cross fingers*

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