Keira at 28 months and Kerri at 9 months

Nov 2, 2011

Keira has been using more new words now. Though 30% I am still trying to understand what she is saying, I can tell she's trying her best to construct her sentences nicely. Even if she seem to be having a difficult time, she will try a few times to get it right.

And when I told her I can't understand, she will give me a reply like 'ermmm..' and then try again. It's really funny. Just the other night, I was reading a book to her and explaining to her something when she replied a 'oh I see'. I looked at her and exclaimed. You should see her proud face.

She is still quite wild at times with Kerri around but when she's not, she is pretty well-behaved. I am having an easier time bringing her out by myself. She will listen and sit to eat when I told her to.

Lately she's becoming more affectionate. She will hug me from behind, say 'I love you' to me and of course which I have to return her back with 'I love you too' and she will reply with a 'You are welcome' and demand I said thank u back.

I'm letting her having less time with the gadgets whenever I can. I realized her temper is the worst when she's with those stuff. She can totally ignore her surroundings when she's engross in the iPad or iPhone.

So we got this mini music band set for her and she's trying to get the whole family by assigning one instrument to each of us. Usually Kerri will get the shakers. Why? Because I guess it's the only thing she's good with. Haa!

Kerri on the other hand is getting more handful. She is quite an individualist too. Or should I say a unique being? The challenge that god has set for me seem to be getting tougher.

Now she now knows how to clap, splash, wave goodbye and make known that she's hungry. Whenever she sees people eating, she will make out noise to reach out for food. And she really demand to be fed right at once. Now she's taking in porridge twice a day and each time it's nearly 2/3 of a rice bowl.

And she looks cute when she smack her lips after the food went into her mouth. I think she may be like Keira. Learning to walk before crawling. She is very good with her walker now. Just this week, she is able to go all sort of directions wherever she desires.

And well so today I brought the two of them to the supermarket and I got Keira to give Kerri a kiss. In the end she gave not once but twice.

Is it a sign that sibling jealousy is subsiding?? I certainly hope so.

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