Kerri @ 15 months old updates

May 10, 2012

She is still not walking yet and prefer to cruise around or drag her butt around the house. She don't really fancy standing without help for too long. Not that I am very particular as I know different child has different progress.

She still loves her food very much although now for meal time she needs more coaxing to finish her meal as she gets distracted easily.

She's getting feistier as she is growing. She does still listen to Keira's instructions most of the time but she no longer takes a no for an answer. She will want things her way if she don't get it. She does indeed has the characteristic of a tiger baby.

She's becoming more verbal and is expanding her vocabulary now.

Words that she knows:

Doll doll
Bear bear
Jie Jie
Gong Gong
Tutu (pacifier)
Ka Ka (insects)
Xie Xie (Thank you)
Ten (when Keira counts from 1 - 10, she will wait till 9 and shout at 10 together with her)
I O U (I love you)
Mi mouse (Mickey Mouse)
Yen Jing (eyes in Chinese)

And she will try to pronounce each word after me when I am on repeat mode.

I love the way she said woooo.... When daddy is making a corner turn each time. Whenever we go over a hump, she will say 'tiong...'

When she hears thunder, she will pay herself on the chest and say ooo... Pa pa (scaring).

She loves to bend down and look at things between her legs whenever she feel like it.

She likes to try her luck to pull my glasses sometimes and when I give her a firmed no, she will try to coo and snuggle up with me.

Got to think of sleep training method for her pretty soon since the swinging cot is her favorite for now. Oh what will I do without it? But I'm pretty sure nothing is impossible.

I am feeling so much positive after seeing the house being pack like almost 85%.

Has been giving her the toothbrush before bedtime as a habit. She seems to do it better than Keira when she first started. Maybe she is used to see Keira doing this daily routine.

I am grateful in some way that this detachment will definitely bring me to get to know this little young lady better. Seriously, she is one cool baby to hang out with.

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